Reviews and ratings of the Juki sewing machines

Juki MO-654DE 2 Needle Overlock Serger Sewing Machine

Great bargain at this price


By Tracy Smith

The Juki 2 needle MO-654DE overlock is my fifth home serger and I can say, my favorite. For the past few years I've used a different brand for my sewing needs and it worked well but was quite a bit more expensive. I needed a new serger sewing machine but didn't want to spend upwards of $1000. This Juki was just what I needed and I'm glad I found it.

First of all, this model really has it all. Most serger machines are missing something but I haven't found a weakness on this one yet. It is extremely stable and it never moves around the table when you are serging. It also has a great knife set up and it cuts through anything without a hiccup. The hem is masterfully rolled in either the two or thread thread and everything is nicely color coded. Even a novice like me could figure it out. I also haven't had any problems setting the tensions like I did on my prior serger.

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Juki HZL-E61 20 Stitch Sewing Machines

Sewing couldn't be better in our household


By Maggie G

I got the Juki HZL-E61 20 stitch sewing machine around 6 months ago and I really couldn't be happier with my purchase. The build quality is outstanding and it looks like it will last as long as I plan to sew on it. The stitches that are produced are near perfect and it works very fast, even for a novice like myself.

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Juki HZL 35Z Sewing Machine Review

Very modern sewing machine that is simple to use


By Lorraine Beaulieu

The last time I sewed was approximently 20 years ago in a home economics class. For a beginner like me the Juki HZL 35Z is extremely easy to use. This sewing machine has wonderful illustrations embossed on it to explain which way the thread goes and other useful information. There is absolutely no need to consult the manual the majority of the time. This machine is much easier to use than those that were used 20 or so years ago. It is built with quality materials and not the cheap flimsy materials that other sewing machines may be constructed of. I was a bit skeptical at first of purchasing this model because of the lack of amount of reviews online. This machine has been a perfect example of what this name brand portrays itself to be. Juki is the brand used most by professional tailors etc. and they definitely did not skip out on the quality during construction.

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Juki TL98QE High Speed Sewing Machine Review

Small and solid sewing and quilting machine


By Jonni Laurie

The Juki TL98QE is a solid small industrial strength sewing machine constructed with heavy duty metal parts. It is a simple to use and very fast and durable. It delivers straight stitch and comes standard with several handy feet, which includes a hopping quilting foot ideal for free motion designs. I chose this one to use on a quilting frame, but have kept my beloved 1980's Pffaf for piecing. If you are looking for a little mid arm machine the Juki is an excellent choice.

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